The Lake House (2006) 480p BluRay X264-14

The Lake House is a 2006 American romantic drama film directed by Alejandro Agresti and starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. The screenplay by David Auburn was based on the novel of the same name by David Jay Brown. The movie is about a couple in two timelines: in 2005, when they meet in a lakeside house for two weeks each summer, and in 2006 after they have been married for five years. In both timeframes, one of them has been told that they will die soon from an incurable disease. As the film progresses, it becomes clear which timeline is 2007 and which is 2005 . In the summer of 2005, architect John Miller (Keanu Reeves) is repairing the house of his estranged father, who has died. He is repairing it for resale and wants to sell it as soon as possible. The real estate agent fails to sell the house to anyone, except for a woman named Alex Wyler (Sandra Bullock), who seems interested in it after seeing an ad about Miller's plan to renovate the house. Alex calls him and tells him that she wants to buy his house, but Miller declines her offer after she tells him that she wants to use the house as a retreat. After Alex leaves, Miller's father's neighbor, Thomas, stops by and criticizes him for not selling the house. He also questions his reason for not selling it to Alex. The next summer in 2006, Miller and Alex work together to repair the house after a fire destroys the roof and most of the initial work had been completed. When they start moving furniture into a bedroom, they find that it is occupied by a bedridden John Smith (Thomas Haden Church). John Smith explains that an elderly neighbor died 10 months earlier due to advanced Alzheimer's disease and he has been taking care of him since then. He further says that he has no relatives and no money coming from anywhere but from his Social Security check. Smith and Miller become fast friends. Smith says that he is a former architect and shows Miller his old ideas in a notebook. When Smith asks him to go on short trips to photograph some of his old buildings, which he had planned to photograph. After photographing the buildings, Miller meets Alex at the Lake House where she reveals that she is an architect who has recently been fired from her job after her boss found out that she's adopted. Alex tells him that one of her dreams was designing Lake House but her boss did not like it and had discouraged her from pursuing this dream. She says she loves the house and wants to help him renovate it. Miller is attracted to her, but they are both unsure of whether they are ready for a relationship. Miller's father's neighborhood friend, who owns the furniture store where Miller previously worked, is angry over how long it took him to sell his father's house. He tells Miller that he has signed a pre-nuptial agreement before he married Alex. As he rides off after they have their argument, Miller sees Alex with his father's neighbor, Thomas. Alex is angry at him for not having sold the house yet and tells Thomas that they were supposed to meet in ten minutes instead of twenty minutes earlier.


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